The controllers of boilers, dispatching control of boiler


  • Extended dispatching of up to 16 boiler rooms
  • Ability to control up to 32 burners in a single boiler room
  • Automatic power change based on outdoor temperature
  • Fuel level in the bunker
  • Feed/return pressure sensors
Price: on request
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2 year




The “Advanced boiler rooms with dispatching” version has full functionality for dispatching up to 16 independent boiler rooms. Each boiler room has a basic functionality: monitoring the feed temperature, return temperature, screw temperatures, fan power, burner conditions, and remote change of boiler room parameters and correction of minor errors, and all advanced functionality. It is possible to connect additional sensors at the request of the boiler room user: sensors for an excess pressure of the coolant (supply/return), end sensors for fuel level in the hopper or opening/closing doors, a street temperature sensor or a current sensor for consumption of screws, fans and pumps for monitoring performance. These additional features significantly improve the automation of the boiler room, allow you to organize automatic power control depending on the temperature outside, see the fuel level when you need to fill the hopper and the state of operation of pumps and augers.

For more information, see the booklet, instructions, or we recommend making a request to the technical department of DomAvtomatika OOO by phone +7 391 989 11 20

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