The controllers of boilers, dispatching control of boiler


  • Screw reverse for overload current
  • Shows the level of remaining fuel in the bunker
  • Error monitoring system
  • Onboard error log
  • AirFlow burn Algorithm
  • The connection of the additional sensor cover hopper
Price: 185 $
including VAT
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2 year




The DM320 is a mid-range controller in the DM line for households. The major difference from the DM310 model is a reverse screw current.

When a solid fraction hits the edge of one of the auger blades, there is a sharp jump in the current consumption of the gear motor. DM320 has a high-precision current sensor that measures the current consumption of the gear motor 5 times per second and starts the reverse procedure when the threshold value is exceeded. Because of the reverse, the solid fraction falls off the edge, the screw wedges and the gear motor does not fail because of overheating. The screw reverse function ensures that the boiler will not stop because of a small stone that caused the screw to jam while the owner was driving away.

Power supply voltage, V 230
Maximum internal power consumption of the controller, W 10
Degree of protection of the case IP40
Temperature measurement range of the Central heating system/DHW sensors, ° C 0-100
Temperature setting range of the Central heating system, ° C 40-85
DHW temperature setting range, C 40-85
Operating temperature Range, ° C 0-50
Maximum power of the Central heating system pump, W 250
Maximum power of the DHW pump, W 250
Maximum power of the screw, W 700
Maximum fan power, W 250
Safety insert of power outputs, А 6,3
The warranty period of operation, years 2
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