The controllers of boilers, dispatching control of boiler


  • Built-in GSM module and free mobile app
  • Connecting an additional flue gas sensor
  • Weekly schedule via the app
  • Connecting an additional outdoor temperature sensor
  • Screw reverse for overload current
Price: 265 $
including VAT
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The DM350 is the flagship model in the DM range of home controllers with maximum configuration. The DM350 has one of the most advanced feature sets among all existing automatic boiler controllers on the global market.

One feature of the DM350 is a built-in GSM module and a free mobile application that allows you to see in real time the state of the boiler, its temperature, operating mode, and also allows you to receive instant notifications in case of emergency situations. The mobile app allows you to remotely stop and start the boiler (if there are still burning coals) in the off-season, and set up a weekly schedule that will save fuel when the owner is not at home and warm up the house for his arrival.

Besides all the functionality that is available in the average model of the line, the DM350 can work with a flue gas temperature sensor. The homeowner can specify the maximum temperature of the exhaust gases, if exceeded, a message is issued about the need to clean the boiler. This function saves fuel by preventing too hot air from entering the pipe, and the boiler no longer «heats» the street.

The DM350 has a weather-dependent setting function where the boiler temperature changes depending on the outside temperature. This function allows you not to worry about changing the temperature of the coolant when it gets cold outside.

Supply voltage, V 230
Maximum internal power consumption 10
Protection housing IP40
Temperature measurement range of the Central heating system/DHW sensors, ° C 0-100
Temperature setting range of the Central heating system, ° C 40-85
DHW temperature setting range, C 40-85
Operating temperature Range, ° C 0-50
Measurement range of the smoke gas temperature sensor, ° C 0-400
Measuring range of outdoor temperature sensor, ° C - from -50 to +50 От -50 до +50
Maximum power of the Central heating system pump, W 250
Maximum power of the DHW pump, W 250
Maximum power of the screw, W 700
Maximum fan power, W 250
Relief insert power outputs, A 6,3
The warranty period work, set controller, W 2
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