The controllers of boilers, dispatching control of boiler


  • Fuel supply auger
  • Controls the boost fan
  • Controls the Central heating pump


  • Measure the temperature of the boiler (ch)
  • Measure the temperature of the screw pipe
  • Supports economical airflow burn mode
  • Supports room thermostat
  • Supports flue gas sensor
Price: 119 $
including VAT
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2 year





The DomAvtomatika ECO100 AUTO controller is a controller for an automatic screw boiler. The major feature of the controller is a unique screw control system - it is based on a hybrid solid-state relay, which ensures reliable operation under load and no sticking, thus ensuring trouble-free operation for many years of operation.

The controller provides significant fuel savings. This is thanks to the airflow fuel combustion algorithm developed by DomAvtomatika OOO engineers. when the boiler does not go into stop mode and does not overheat, the algorithm calculates and supplies the amount of air and fuel to the furnace to maintain the temperature of degrees in degrees.

Because of the complete combustion of fuel, the walls of the water jacket remain clean of soot growths, and the heat exchanger needs to be cleaned much less often.

The controller has a service menu with engineering settings, is unpretentious to the quality of the power grid in villages and cottage settlements, and is easy to use — it was designed for the Russian user for harsh operating conditions.

The wires remain soft and do not break even at low temperatures, this is done because we know how different the winters in Russia and Poland are.

The membrane keyboard can withstand 1 million clicks and protects the inside of the device from dust and dirt.

The interface is designed so you can easily understand the device when there is no documentation at hand.

Overall dimensions (excluding wires), mm 170×50×50
Controller weight, kg, not more 0,5
Protection housing IP40
Temperature setting range of the Central heating system, ° C 45-85
Supply voltage, V 230 ±5%
Power consumption, VA, max 5
Climatic version according to GOST 15150 UHLZ.1 УХЛ3.1
Operating Temperature, °C -10.+40
Maximum output power of the “pump ch” channel, W 100
Maximum output power of the “Screw” channel, W 500
Maximum output power of the Fan channel, W 200
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