The controllers of boilers, dispatching control of boiler

Manufacture of controllers for boiler

All the products of our company DomAutomatic is in Russia, Krasnoyarsk. The design and development of the device was carried out according to strict circuit standards of industrial products. We have our own production line for manufacturing printed circuit boards, preparation of wiring, and testing of finished products.

The quality control system ensures high reliability and quality of printed circuit boards, displays, housing assemblies, wires and sensors. The products work in hard conditions with a complex human factor for Russian realities, so many components are selected with a significant margin of safety. All controllers are manually tested under load before being transferred to the finished product warehouse.

Automatic boilers equipped with DM controllers work reliably, do not attract attention and the client sometimes forgets that he lives in a private house.

DomAvtomatika DM controllers work reliably, seriously and for a long time.

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